1 Bring in your Freshly Laundered Clothes and accessories (Yeah I guess you can launder accessories) during normal business hours. Hours vary by location - Check our Locations page for individual store hours. We do ask that you try and bring them in at least one hour before closing!

2 Fill out the form at the desk and our employees will give you a time estimate for your items. They will then go through them as efficiently as possible. They will be checking for things like style, cleanliness, type of clothing, etc. Below are list of things we are looking for and reasons why we pass on items.

3 You can then feel free to browse the store, watch some of our videos on our couch, or go grab a latte down the street.

4 After our employees finish, they will call you to the Register, (or call you if they told you it would take longer than 15- 20 Minutes)They will then present you with an offer of either CASH or STORECREDIT for the items we would love to buy from you

5 You can then accept the CASH or STORE CREDIT or decline. THAT'S IT!!!

We want your clothes! Just follow the simple
steps and you will be flush with cash!

Clothing Revival

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