Q Why didn't you take any clothes?

A The top reasons we pass on items are as follows:

Older than 18 months
Not selling well
Wrong Sizes

Q How much do you pay for clothes?

A We pay you 30%-40% of what we price your items at. Typically you get between $2-$4 for tops....$3-$6 for Jeans...However, for designer denim like Miss Me and Rock Revival, we pay out between $18-$35 per pair.

Q Do you take kids clothes?

A Not currently.

Q What sizes do you take?

A We start in size 0 for womens, and size 28 for guys.

Q Do I have to schedule an appointment?

A No, you can come in anytime...However, morning are usually less busy which means less of a wait.

Q How long does it take to sell my clothes to you?

A Typically it takes around 15 minutes, however, this can vary depending on how many clothes you bring in and how busy the store is. Mornings are the least busy, and we can process your clothes much more quickly.

Q Do you pay me cash right then or is it consignment?

A Yes, we pay you CASH right on the spot. We will give you 25% more if you choose store credit.

Q Are you Hiring?

A We are always looking for talented, passionate, and customer-service oriented employees. If interested, take your current resume into the store and leave it with the store manager.

Q What are your hours?

A Individual stores vary, check our Locations page for a store near you.

Q Do you have anything for my husband / boyfriend / 'not sure what he is yet' to do when I come in?

A Why, yes...yes we do. We have a wonderful couch and TONS of sweet videos to watch whilst you get your "YOU" time in.

Q Do I look good in this shirt?

A You are rockin' it in anything you wear, especially from Clothing Revival.

To have more CASH, or to not have more CASH...
is this really even a question?

Clothing Revival