As a newer company we have multiple territories available throughout the United States. We are selective in our locations we will approve though because there are so many factors that we have learned are crucial to the success of the business. We will work with you as much as possible on your desired Location and do everything to ensure a successs!


As with any business there is competition. There are local store owners that do consignment as well as the other franchisors in this market space. We excel with the best of both worlds. We are small enough for the support you need to succeed, and we have the experience to stay competitive in any market. We have vendors that nobody else has and sale a healthy mix of both NEW and USED clothing and accessories. Our overall fee structure is lower than the top franchisors, because we want all of our franchisees to succeed. Your success becomes our success. Clothing Revival® has also developed specific sales procedures and trade secrets that have a distinct advantage over the other stores in the industry.

When can you start

Right now! The Process can take approximately 1 month for your to look over the FDD, Find a location and get started. The build-out can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on how fast you want to go. After the store is ready to open there is a 4-8 week buying phase where inventory will be accumulated and purchased. This is an extreme advantage, because it gives your store an opportunity to build a STRONG customer base before you open. Then the GRAND OPENING!!! One of the busiest and fastest pace days you will have, and it will come with GREAT Reward!